Savuti is the most remote and drier part of the Chobe National Park and well known as the land of the Giants mainly because of the famous lion pride (The Mash Pride) which used to actively hunt Elephants, It also known as the predator paradise because of the number of predators seen in the area.

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Because it is so dry the Wild life Department has made some artificial water holes to keep all the animals within the area.

Most of the Game drives are done around the Savuti Mash area and around all the different water holes where most of the animals are found because of the quality grazing opportunity which attracts most of the big cats or predators in general.

It is the main route for the only Zebra and wildebeest migration in Botswan.

There are few famous Rock outcrop which includes the Bushman painting hill where you see some of the painting left by the Bushman formally known as San, Because of the hills in the area there are few Klipspringer Antelope around the Hills mainly the Bushman hill which has brought a debate on the Game rangers, Guides and all the Bush Lovers on how the Klipspringer found its way all the way from the nearest rock outcrop to Savuti through the thick Kalahari Sands as their hooves are specially designed to move on rocky area than sand.

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