Xaxaba Islands

Here you will get the true Okavango Delta experience, the landscape, the water lily smell, the beautiful natural colors around you, Animals in the water, Aquatic birds, Aquatic Animals, Aquatic plants, The beautiful termites mounds in the middle of the swamps, Hundreds of island all arounds you, The people with their protected culture in Xaxaba Village, the peace of silence as you float above the water on your comfortable Mokoro ride and a nature walk through the dazzles of Zebras can be the highlight.

I recommend going there when the water is high where you take a beautiful long Boat ride from Maun to Xaxaba camping grounds, the cruise will take 6 to 8 hours because you will be stopping to admire the beautiful landscape and animals which seems to be just waiting for you to take a national geographic pictures.

A visit of Elephants in your campsites will be a common site, that means you will need to pay attention when walking around the campsite. 

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P. O. Box 783, 

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+267 73 550 434
+267 71 371 453
+267 73 828 686

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